Press Release

Red Baron by Knoll 
Designed by Piero Lissoni

From the preliminary design to the manufacture of the finished product, the initial idea of the architect Piero Lissoni has become reality thanks to the expertise of Knoll, with its ability to develop innovative solutions. Based on observation of a detail of an airplane wing, Lissoni has designed Red Baron by Knoll by combining parts that gradually become lighter, tapering into a slender sheet of metal rendered sophisticated by the almost imperceptible thickness and by the finish itself.

Describing the bookshelf, Piero Lissoni says: “Our reasoning focused on triplanes, on how the wings of airplanes are supported. Continuing to remove material, the quintessence of the design emerged: a very slender sheet of aluminium with vertical struts. Just like a triplane.

Red Baron is a modular bookshelf that focuses on material essence and personalized finishing for a unique touch and look, designed to store and display remarkable collections. The support structure is made with steel posts clad in anodized extruded aluminium, while the shelves have a refined aluminium finish. The parts allow for compositions of different heights and lengths, using modules one meter in width and 45 centimeters in depth. Red Baron always has a clean, transparent image in terms of form, with a visible, solid structure.

Delicate but forceful lines generate a harmonious aesthetic balance, the result of removal of any superfluous elements in a project that puts a clear accent on its contemporary character.

From the residence to the workplace, the bookshelf can alter its function while maintaining its aesthetic characteristics, depending on the choice of materials – extra-clear tempered glass or chestnut wood – which can also be applied in a mixed approach for the back and sides. The result is a family open to expansion, easily coordinated with the other products in the Knoll collection.



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