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Knoll presents the new collections for 2021 in its Milan showroom during the second edition of Milano Design City

In a special setting oriented towards a contemporary lifestyle, Knoll presents solutions for an innovative, functional home, in an experience of domestic space for a world in constant evolution

Knoll presents the Work from Home collection for 2021

In a time when the boundaries between home and office are increasingly blurred, having a suitable space for home working has become more important than ever before

Tips for a Healthy Work Experience

It is amazing how making even small tweaks to furnishings or work habits can make you more comfortable and energized over a long work day.

Knoll Chairman and CEO Speaks with Yahoo! Finance about the Future of the Office

Andrew Cogan says the workspace is on the brink of transformative change


"Whether the project is a building, a chair or a textile... they are each expressions of the same search for a harmonious balance between usefulness and beauty"
- Hans Knoll, 1954