Systems Furniture

Opening up your workspace. Explore diverse furniture solutions for open plan and private offices, matched by a long term commitment to sustainable design.

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Private Office

The private office, a corporate standard in the realm of office planning, is evolving into a nimble space to support the changes in today's technology-rich, collaboration-focused workplace.

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Meeting and Conference

Tables for groups small and large, chairs for any aesthetic and all-day comfort, and all the accessories you'll need to keep things running smoothly.

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Side Seating

Elegant and versatile. Our portfolio of side seating ranges from iconic to innovative.

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Task Seating

Thoughtful design. Comfort. Choice. Ergonomically innovative designs that ensure all-day comfort and well-being.

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Lounge Seating

Our distinctive lounge seating collection brings great design to any environment, complementing your style, workplace and budget.

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Tables and Desks

From modern marble masterpieces to pragmatic expressions in wood, Knoll desks anchor private offices as well as integrate into open plan environments.



Maximize your organizational options without compromising valuable workspace.

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Weatherproof furniture for informal collaboration and conviviality.

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Integral tools to illuminate and organize your space, facilitate communication and manage technology you use every day.

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