Press Release

KN Collection by Knoll 
Designed by Piero Lissoni

For the Salone del Mobile 2018 Knoll introduces KN Collection by Knoll designed by Piero Lissoni, a seating collection of impeccable style, capable of making every moment a precious opportunity for complete relaxation, open interaction and the pleasure of socializing, or for use in private spaces set aside for regeneration in a dimension of personal identity.

The collection features a range of materials that set every creation apart, underlining the sophisticated spirit that looks to the future, while at the same time paying tribute to the great design of the past: accents to scatter freely in residential spaces, but also versatile solutions for high performance workplaces and luxury interiors.

The whole collection is made with a swivel base in polished or coated cast aluminium. The base equipped with an internal damper offers a self-regulating system to ensure immediate comfort.

KN comes in two different versions. In the low model KN01 the proportions between seat and shell height, combined with ample measurements, provide a balanced blend of compactness and comfort. The curved design has a minimalist tone, while offering maximum relaxation for those who choose it.

A second version KN02 with more compact and extended proportions is offered with a headrest and a practical manual mechanism built into the armrest enables the chair to recline, adapting to posture variations. Thanks to the mechanism hidden under the upholstery, it is possible to shift from an upright position to a more relaxing angle, and to block the back in any position. To provide flexibility and remarkable freedom of movement, as well as extreme comfort for long periods of time, the mechanism can be returned to its original posture with a soft, supple motion. The configuration can also be completed with a footrest KN03 suitable and a seat cushion padded with down, complete with lower back support.

“This is a seating collection, a family of chairs with a modernist spirit, for which I have applied my usual proportions. In this project I have set out to reflect the entire history of Knoll”, so Lissoni describes the new collection of armchairs.

A wide range of fabrics and leathers is available for KN Collection in all the versions, offering many options for personalization and accentuating the sober elegance of the design. KN is the perfect combination of some of the fundamental values of Knoll products: design, high quality of materials, maximum comfort and painstaking attention to detail.



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