Krusin Collection 016

Designed by Marc Krusin, 2016

Quality craftmanship, simple, precise lines and refined proportions define the new seating system designed by Marc Krusin. Krusin Collection 016 is a harmonious family of chairs that offer remarkable padded softness in modern, minimal silhouettes. The collection includes three pieces: a seat with or without armrests and an archair with an enveloping back. All three types are unified by the same base, available in die-cast aluminum or solid ash in a range of finishes. Upholstery options are available across the Knoll range of offerings, including leathers, velvet, wool and cotton fabric. As is characteristic of designs by Marc Krusin, the collection matches good looks with functional detailing: the armchair's back and seat are designed to enable natural, responsive movement. 

Marc Krusin, who after years working in Italy recently opened his own London studio, has collaborated with Knoll since 2011; his collection of tables and seating won the Good Design Award in the same year. "It's much less about me (and my design), and much more about excellence in a product," he says. "Less ego, better results." 

Benjamin Pardo, Executive Vice President of Design, Knoll, describes Krusin Collection 016: "The objective is to introduce a discreet product that is silently attuned to the surrounding space. This is the thinking behind the conception and design of the new products, which will then work perfectly with the company's classic icons."

Krusin carefully studies the precise details that set apart exceptional spaces and objects. It is this work that elevates his designs to the level of classics. "I often think about the objects I design as classics: presences that stand out for their discretion and balance. And my job is to perfect them, honing the proportions, the details, to improve their image and their functional quality. I have imagined this seating family as noble objects that you learn to appreciate more with the passage of time. Something like a bespoke suit that gets more elegant with wear. For this collection I wanted to create bespoke beauty, perceptible in the fine workmanship and the details."