Press Release

New developments for 2019KN Collection by Knoll
Designed by Piero Lissoni


The collaboration between Piero Lissoni and Knoll also continues with the KN Collection, presented at the Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan in two new and different interpretations: KN04 and KN05 represent the evolution of a program that began last year with the KN01 and KN02 models, both swivel chairs with a central support and a four-spoke base.
The KN04 chair, with more compact proportions and ideal for completing domestic corners where relaxation is a style, has been added together with the KN05 settee, with a very distinctive feature. Both have a fixed structure in chromium-plated or coated metal rod, and a shell produced in polyurethane and covered in leather or fabric.

The salient feature of the project is the shell, a smooth, curved unit for both the KN04 and the KN05, which gives the pieces a recognizable, original design. Though this latter aspect has been simplified, the new versions become very versatile seats that offer pure relaxation. Ideal for domestic spaces and waiting rooms, all the way to informal office settings, KN04 and KN05 are perfectly coordinated with all the collections in the Knoll catalogue, where the elegant, sophisticated touch of Piero Lissoni generates an aesthetic of lightness that sets the tone of the entire KN family.
Rigor and purity, contemporary and functional design. A perfect combination that gives rise to a new aesthetic of living, capable of harmoniously tuning domestic environments and collective facilities, from waiting rooms to hotel lobbies. These contexts become the expression of personal identity, thanks to the expansion of the traditional codes of the home that open to incorporate multiple hybrids and infinite compositional possibilities.