Press Release

New developments for 2019Gould Sofa Collection
Designed by Piero Lissoni


For Salone del Mobile 2019 and the new creations of Piero Lissoni, Knoll marks 15 years of collaboration with the architect and presents Gould, a collection of upholstered furniture based on a more relaxed, informal way of sitting, in a spirit of classic-contemporary taste, relying on ample proportions and large cushions to ensure extraordinary comfort.

“The collaboration with Knoll began fifteen years ago with an experimental project for the office. Experimentation today, with an eye on tomorrow, has led to WA, inspired by the simplicity of Japan. A project that has moved forward very quietly, on tiptoe. In 2009 we developed the project of the showroom in London, in an old garage that became Knoll’s headquarters in England. Then came sofas, chairs, armchairs and cabinets, like Avio and Matrioska, designed with caution because it is not so simple to address contemporary style in a company like Knoll. With the same sense of discretion, we have made many other products, like Red Baron and the KN collection… and this year the Gould sofa, with a modernist flair that is a reminder of American in the Fifties, and the architecture of that period.” This is how Piero Lissoni recounts his more than a decade-long and consolidated relationship with Knoll.
Accommodating with its more accentuated depth, Gould becomes a gathering place, a perfect synthesis of design and classicism, ready for insertion in modern spaces with a minimal-chic tone, refined and informal at the same time, in tune with the natural desire for relaxation.
Piero Lissoni’s goal was to simplify the traditional idea of the sofa, which is often the result of complex construction. At the same time, however, he did not want to overlook the high standards of quality Knoll requires of every designer, in every project.
The collection is composed of sofas for two, three or four persons in ample sizes, where the panels of the support structure can be covered in fabric or produced with a chestnut wood finish. In perfect Knoll style, to create a comfortable and elegant product Lissoni has come up with a sofa whose design sums up and explains its genesis, full of technological and sartorial content, reflecting the research and craftsmanship that have always been key factors in the company’s genetic code. Relaxing on a Gould sofa, one immediately has a pleasant sensation of comfort thanks to the padding of the cushions, in down or polyurethane/wadding.
A series of decor cushions, with very precise design that leaves no geometric figure to chance.
A balanced game of geometric lines and volumes, replicated for a new line of furniture that has the ambition of becoming a new classic, easy to insert in any setting, from private homes to contract applications.